How to Freeze Cooked Turnip Greens

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic food storage container with an airtight lid

  • Heavy-duty freezer bag with a zip-lock top (optional)

  • Freezer tape

Turnip greens make a healthy and delicious side dish.

Turnip greens are a traditional Southern food favorite, The greens feature an edible root and taste best when cooked within a few days of picking. You can prepare turnip greens in a variety of ways, such as steaming and boiling with a smoked pork product. According to the University of Florida, turnip greens have a high nutritional value and are good sources of iron, vitamin A, potassium and calcium. You can freeze leftover cooked turnip greens for several months and enjoy them again at a later date.


Step 1

Cool hot, cooked turnip greens quickly by placing the pan in a sink of ice water or by refrigerating them in a covered container.

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Step 2

Transfer the greens to a rigid plastic food storage container or a heavy-duty freezer bag. Allow a 1/2-inch head space in the container for possible expansion. Package large quantities of greens in small batches for the best quality.

Step 3

Press an airtight lid onto the plastic storage container to create a secure seal. Squeeze excess air out of the freezer bag before sealing its zip-lock top.

Step 4

Label the container or bag with a piece of freezer tape featuring the storage date.

Step 5

Freeze the turnip greens in a freezer set at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 12 months.


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