How to Make Fake Snake Bite Piercings

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Snake bite piercings are oral piercings that go through the bottom lip on both corners of the mouth. Snake bites are also sometimes called venom piercings, although venom piercings are actually double tongue piercings. If you are considering snake bite piercings but don't want to make a permanent commitment just yet, or if you're under 18 years of age and therefore too young to get pierced, you can fake snake bites with inexpensive jewelry known as captive bead rings.


Step 1

Remove the beads from your captive bead rings by holding the ring steady and pushing the bead gently sideways until they pop out. Set the beads aside.

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Step 2

Slide the open end of one ring over your lower lip. The opening of the ring will be small enough to hold the ring tightly in place.


Step 3

Slide the open end of the second ring over your lower lip, as you did with the first.


Step 4

Push the rings to opposite sides of your lower lip until they are in the position you want your snake bites to be.


Step 5

Leave the beads off the rings and continue to use the open rings to create snake bites whenever you want to wear them.


Always remove captive beads horizontally, as attempting to pull rings apart vertically can crimp and ruin them.


Take off your fake snake bites as soon as you're finished wearing them. If you leave them on overnight, they could come loose and you could swallow them.

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