How to Organize a Baby Photo Guessing Contest

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Things You'll Need

  • Baby pictures

  • Marker

  • Board

  • Sheets of paper

  • Pencils

  • Name tags

Baby pictures of people you know can make a great game.

A baby shower can get dull for your guests if you do not supply activities to entertain them. For this reason, baby shower games have become a common practice. The more your guests are involved in the games, the more interesting and fun they will be for everyone. One game you can organize is a baby photo guessing contest. This involves asking guests to bring photos of themselves as babies.


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Step 1

Ask guests beforehand to bring pictures of themselves as babies to the party or shower. The more pictures you have, the more fun the game will be. You can ask for this information in the invitations.

Step 2

Write on the back of each baby picture whose picture it is.

Step 3

Arrange the pictures on a board in no particular order. Attach them with a tack or tape, depending on the board's surface.


Step 4

Write a number above each photo on your board.

Step 5

Type out a sheet of paper that includes the same number of lines as pictures you have. These lines should be numbered to correspond with the pictures. Add a list of names of everyone whose picture is on the board. Pass these sheets out along with pencils.

Step 6

Pass out name tags so your guests can see the adult who corresponds with the name on their sheet. Often at baby showers, different groups of people may not know each other, such as family members, neighbors, friends from school and friends from work.


Step 7

Get a prize or several prizes. Your baby shower games will be more fun if you have prize for the winners. For example, the winner of the baby photo guessing contest might receive a gift certificate to a local restaurant while the three runners up receive a smaller prize, such as a bottle of lotion or bath set.