How to Calculate the Tolls on I-95

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Interstate 95 passes through 15 states along its 1,915-mile journey from Florida to Maine. Tolls along the interstate vary for each state. For most states, you can find the current toll amount for each stretch of road online at the Interstate 95 Exit Information Guide. Simply add up the tolls for the parts of the interstate you intend to travel. Other sections use tolls based on how much traffic is on the road at the time.


Find Out Whether You'll Need to Pay

You'll find mandatory tolls in six states along the northeastern reaches of I-95. Only three states charge tolls along their entire lengths of I-95 as it passes through. Others charge tolls only in high-traffic areas.


States With Short Tollways

  • Maine: Most of Maine's 303 miles of I-95 are free to travel, but you'll pay a toll for 99 miles of road stretching from York to Augusta.
  • New Hampshire: The Blue Star Turnpike runs only 17 miles in the lower part of the state, from the Massachusetts state line to Portsmouth.
  • Maryland: Expect to pay tolls in the Baltimore area and points east, including the Fort McHenry Tunnel, Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and the 60-mile JFK Memorial Highway.


Tollway Throughout

  • New York: You'll pay a toll to travel the New England Thruway as it rolls 55 miles from Bronx to the Connecticut border. If you come into the state from New Jersey across the George Washington Bridge, you'll also pay a toll.
  • New Jersey: After crossing the George Washington Bridge, the New Jersey Turnpike runs the length of the state, terminating at Deepwater.
  • Delaware: You'll pay a toll to cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Pay a second toll to travel the Delaware Turnpike, running from Wilmington to the Maryland state line.


Free States

At time of publication, there are no tolls in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina or Georgia.

Saving Fares

E-Z Pass

Purchasing an E-Z Pass electronic transponder saves you both time and money. Stretches of tollway from Maine to Virginia give pass holders automatic discounts over travelers paying cash at the toll booth. E-Z Pass holders receive further discounts for traveling during off-peak hours when crossing the George Washington Bridge or driving on the New Jersey Turnpike. Off-peak hours encompass any time other than morning and evening rush hours. The George Washington Bridge includes weekends from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. as high peak hours.


Special Discounts

  • New Jersey discounts: Senior citizens and drivers of eco-friendly vehicles can get reduced rates when traveling the New Jersey Turnpike. E-Z Pass holders over 65 who send in proof of age qualify for the senior discount. To get a green vehicle discount, a vehicle must qualify as low emission and get at least 45 miles per gallon. Residents of Florence get an automatic discount for any trip they take using Interchange 6.
  • Commuter discounts: Frequent travelers in Delaware and Maryland receive automatic discounts via their E-Z Pass. At the Delaware Memorial Bridge, discounts get applied when you make 25 trips within a 30-day period or 20 trips within a 90-day period. You can travel the JFK Memorial Highway for about one-quarter of the per-trip fare when you pre-purchase 50 trips on your E-Z Pass. You must use the trips within 45 days.


Circumstances Affecting Tolls

Which Way Are You Headed?

Some stretches of tollway charge fees to travel in one direction but not the other. On the JFK Memorial Highway in Maryland, tolls apply to head northbound, but not southbound. The toll for the George Washington Bridge gets charged when you're entering New York, but you can cross for free when you head to New Jersey.


You'll Know When You Get There

Sections of I-95 running through northern Virginia and Miami, Florida, offer optional express lanes that charge tolls depending on traffic congestion. Tolls increase or decrease depending on how many cars are using the lanes. Tolls are electronically charged to a Virginia EZ Pass or a Florida Sun Pass. You can see the toll you'll pay displayed on overhead electronic signs before you get on the expressway.


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