How to Keep Wasps & Ants Off a Mailbox

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Things You'll Need

  • Screw or nail

  • Screwdriver or hammer

  • Fake wasp nest

  • Tanglefoot insect barrier

  • Fabric softener sheet

  • Wasp spray

The best way to fend off wasps is by using their natural instincts against them.

Ants and wasps are two of the greatest enemies to mailboxes and mailmen alike. By using the insects' natural instincts against them, you can keep them away from your mailbox and make your mailman's life a little easier. Your mailbox can be ant- and wasp-proofed in less than half an hour with only a handful of easy-to-use supplies.


Step 1

Use a small nail or screw to attach a fake wasps nest to the back of the mailbox where it will not be in plain sight to the human eye. Wasps are very territorial and most will leave an area as soon as they see an unfamiliar nest.

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Step 2

Apply insect barrier products (such as Tanglefoot) around the bottom of your mailbox post. This will make it very difficult for ants to crawl up to the mailbox, and your box should remain ant-free.


Step 3

Put fresh fabric softener sheets into your mailbox to help repel any wasps that aren't warded off by the fake nest.

Step 4

For serious wasp infestations, look for nearby nests and destroy them with wasp spray. Make sure to wear protective clothing or hire a professional to take care of the wasp problem.



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