How to Cut a Coin in Half

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Things You'll Need

  • Ruler

  • Pencil

  • Metal vise

  • Oscillating power tool

  • Diamond bur router bit

Coins are made to last and to take a lot of punishment. For this reason, if you ever want to cut one in half for the sake of an art project or an experiment, you will require some fairly powerful cutting tools. However, these tools don't have to be large or expensive. Do your own cutting using the right common household power tools and halve any coin with ease.


Step 1

Hold the coin flat against the ruler and measure its width. Adjust the positioning of the coin and take a few different measurements until you find its widest point. When you do, draw a pencil line across the coin at this point; this will mark the center line of the coin.

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Step 2

Place the coin in the metal vise and close the vise around it to firmly grip it. Position the coin so that the center line you just drew is fully exposed, plus 1/8 inch beneath the line. Nearly half of the coin should be hidden inside the vice.


Step 3

Fit the oscillating power tool with the diamond bur router bit according to the tool maker's instructions.

Step 4

Turn the tool on. Adjust it to a speed setting in the middle of its range.


Step 5

Hold the router bit close to the edge of the coin. Position the tool so that the body of the cutter and the bit are parallel to the top of the vise; avoid cutting at an angle.

Step 6

Cut the coin along the pencil line. Center the router so that it's cutting down the center of the line to ensure that the two pieces you cut the coin into are the same size. Move the router bit slowly and steadily through the metal of the coin.


Wear safety goggles when working with power tools.


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