How to Set a Rat Trap Safely

Spring-loaded rat traps are one of the most common forms of trap used in pest control. Spring-loaded rat traps make use of a wire lever and pressure plate system to kill the pest. This lever can cause physical injury to a person if the trap is improperly set. You can greatly reduce your risk of injury if you take certain precautions when setting the rat trap.

Step 1

Place the rat trap flat on the floor.

Step 2

Keep the trap flat on the floor and use your hand to put pressure on the end of the trap that has the hook attachment. With your other hand, pull the metal spring back until there is enough room for the metal hook attachment to lie over the spring.

Step 3

Keep pressure on the metal spring with one hand; with the other hand, attach the hook lever to the pressure plate on the other side of the trap.

Step 4

Hold the rat trap by the sides with your fingers, without touching the top, then move it to the desired location.

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