How to Make Baby Shower Diaper Decorations

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Things You'll Need

  • Newborn or size one diapers

  • Thin ribbon

  • Large baby bottle (8 or 9 oz.) or bottle of baby lotion

  • Rubber bands, assorted sizes

  • Wide colored ribbon

  • Small baby bottle (4 or 5 oz.)

  • Baby accessories

  • Baby decoration trinkets

  • Paint

  • Letter cutouts

  • Safety pins

  • String

  • Clothespins

Use diapers to make baby shower decorations that the parents can then use.

A baby shower is a party to congratulate expectant parents and "shower" them with gifts to help them prepare for the arrival of the new baby. Many baby showers have a theme or color scheme for the decorations. While it's perfectly acceptable to purchase decorations, you can make baby shower decorations with baby diapers. The decorations may impress the guests and have the added benefit that the expectant parents can take the diapers home and use them for the baby. You can also decorate the diapers with other small baby essentials that the parents can use.


Diaper Cake

Step 1

Unfold approximately 60 newborn or size one diapers, but leave the tabs folded in.

Step 2

Roll each of the diapers tightly from back to front to form small cylinders and secure with a piece of thin ribbon in a color to match the theme. Use pink ribbon if it's a girl baby, blue if it's a boy or yellow if the gender is unknown.

Step 3

Place a large baby bottle or baby lotion bottle on the center of a cake platter.


Step 4

Arrange five or six diaper cylinders upright around the bottle and secure as a group with a large rubber band.

Step 5

Create a second ring of diapers around the bottle, this time using 11 or 12 diapers and then secure them with a large rubber band.

Step 6

Form a third ring with 18 to 20 diapers around the second ring and secure in place with a wide ribbon to match the shower theme.


Step 7

Make a second tier on top of the base layer by making one ring of five or six diapers and a second ring of 11 or 12 diapers. Tie the tier together with a large ribbon.

Step 8

Place a small baby bottle centered on the top of the second tier.

Step 9

Arrange five or six diapers around the bottle to create the top tier and hold them in place with another piece of ribbon.

Step 10

Decorate the diaper cake with small trinkets, baby shoes and pacifiers by tying them onto the ribbons on the diapers.


Step 11

Fill in any gaps by tucking washcloths, bibs, onesies and toys between the diapers and on top of the layers.

Diaper Banner

Step 1

Count out one diaper for each letter in the word "baby" and one for each letter of the baby's name; if the baby's name will be Seth, you will need eight diapers. If the baby's name hasn't been selected, you could use the last name instead.


Step 2

Paint one letter on the blank side of each diaper to spell out the phrase for the banner. You can use any craft paint or attach letter cutouts to the diapers with safety pins so the new parents can use the diapers later.

Step 3

Hang a clothesline made from string or colored ribbon in the party room.

Step 4

Place the diapers over the line and secure in place with a clothespin to resemble diapers drying on the line.

Step 5

Use additional clothespins to attach outfits, hats, bibs, pacifiers and other items to the clothesline, if desired.


These decorations can be made with either disposable or cloth diapers.