How to Fix Holes Where the Jeans Meet the Pockets

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Fixing holes in your jeans can save you heaps of money.

Jeans today are a regular part of the apparel of both men and women. No longer are they simply work wear -- they have become a fashion item. Denim, although a quite durable fabric, has a tendency to wear and tear. The pockets of jeans are especially susceptible to wearing out because of continual use. Force is exerted on the seams by items being both pushed into and pulled out of pockets. Repair the small holes that occur in the edges of your jeans near the pockets and avoid having to buy a new pair.



Step 1

Cut your denim patch and fusible web one inch larger in circumference than the area you are mending. Iron the fusible web to either side of the denim patch.

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Step 2

Install the heavy-duty needle in the sewing machine.


Step 3

Thread the machine with the denim thread.

Step 4

Set the machine to zig zag and choose the shortest length and widest width.

Step 5

Turn the jeans inside out.



Step 1

Place the patch over the hole, enduring that the webbing is between the jeans and the denim patch.

Step 2

Sew around the circumference of the patch once, using your sewing machine and the preset zig-zag stitch. You may not be able to avoid partially stitching the pocket closed, depending on the size of the hole.

Step 3

Stitch across the patch, turn, and stitch again until the zig-zag stitching covers the area with the hole completely.


Use heat-safe pins to align the tear if necessary. Release the tension a little when sewing over the thick material of the join of the pocket. Remember to return the tension to the correct setting after negotiating the pocket seam or the machine will stop the progression of the fabric.


Do not use iron-on patches; they are not resilient enough and will come away from the fabric in the wash. Ensure the denim is covering the fusible webbing so that it does not stick to the iron. Stitch over the patch multiple times to ensure the resilience of the repair. Be careful not to sew the leg together.


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