How to Change a Belt on a Bissell ProHeat Pet Deep Cleaner

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The Bissell ProHeat Pet Deep Cleaner is a carpet deep-cleaning system used to remove dirt and pet debris from carpets and other surfaces. The unit includes a built-in hot water heater to increase the cleaning results, as well as 12 rows of brushes, microbial protection and a 12-amp motor. If either the small or large belt on the carpet cleaner becomes damaged, cracked, split or broken, replace the belt. Removing the old belt(s) to put on a new one should only be performed by an adult when the vacuum is unplugged from the power supply.


Step 1

Press down on the handle to pull the water and formula tank out of the main unit.

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Step 2

Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the nozzle from the front of the vacuum and set the nozzle aside.

Step 3

Lay the machine down on its side with the cord side down on the ground.

Step 4

Use the screwdriver to remove the black screws holding the clear end cap on the side of the vacuum. Be careful not to drop the screws into the vacuum. Lift off the clear cap and set it aside.


Step 5

Remove the silver screw and gently lift up on the pivot arm to remove it.

Step 6

Lift out the small brush belt and replace with the new belt.

Step 7

Pull the brush rolls off if the large belt needs to be removed, leaving the small brush belt off. Remove the old long belt on the bottom of the brush roll and replace with the new belt.


Step 8

Put the small belt over the metal cog and the back roller. Return the pivot arm and the silver screw, as well as the clear end cap and the two black screws.

Step 9

Turn the vacuum back over and replace the nozzle by latch it from underneath and tightening the screw.

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