Instructions for the Holiday Express Animated Train Set

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The Holiday Express animated train set is manufactured by New Bright Toys. This train set includes Santa as the engineer and has additional cars with toys and animals for Christmas fun. The controller has three levels of sound and speed for you to choose from for your entertainment. The train can travel in reverse motion as well as forward. The first three cars must be assembled in one particular order followed by the additional cars for the train set to operate.


Step 1

Slide the ends of two of the straight train track pieces together and place them on a flat surface. Slide the remaining two straight pieces together and lay them across from the first two. Join the six right-turning curve pieces together and the six left-turning curve pieces together. Place the left curved portion on the left side and the right curved on the right side. Slide both curved ends to the straight center pieces to form an elongated oval shape.

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Step 2

Insert the track clip under a section of the track close to an electrical outlet. Plug the transformer into the right side of the track clip. Insert the transformer power cord into an electrical receptacle. Plug the controller into the rear of the track clip.

Step 3

Insert the plug on the front of the train tender car into the receptacle on the rear of the engine. Place the engine and tender on the track with their wheels centered on the metal rails. Press the two cars together to couple them.


Step 4

Set the candy dancer car on the track behind the tender car. Plug the electronic plug on the front of the candy dancer car into the receptacle on the rear of the tender car. Push the two cars together to couple them.

Step 5

Add each additional car to the rear of the assembled cars in any order and press them together to couple them.


Step 6

Press the "On/Off" switch in the center of the controller to turn the train on. The power indicator light above the switch will illuminate. Press the up and down buttons to increase and decrease the speed and volume of train and its sounds. Press the stop, reverse and forward buttons to change the direction the train moves on the tracks or to stop it. Press the mute button to turn all train sounds off.


The Holiday Express animated train set includes the track pieces, engine, tender, candy dancer and additional cars as well as the track clip, controller, transformer and power cords.

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