How to Get Scuff Marks Off a Floor

Scuff marks make your floors look dirty and unkempt, but these marks don't always come off with just a regular cleaning. Manufacturers of erasing sponges claim their products remove scuff marks, but most flooring experts recommend other methods that are both cheaper and often already found in your home. Follow their advice and remove your scuff marks so your floors can look clean and new once again.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towel

  • Professional no-wax floor cleaner

  • Tennis ball

  • Broomstick

  • Professional hardwood floor cleaner

  • Cleaning cloths

Step 1

Rub a dry paper towel over the scuff mark if you have a no-wax floor, such as a vinyl floor. Lightly rub the floor until the mark disappears. Apply a small amount of a professional no-wax floor cleaner, recommended by the manufacturer, to the spot to remove tough scuff marks.

Step 2

Cut an "X" in the bottom of a clean tennis ball. Push the tennis ball onto the end of a broomstick. Rub the tennis ball across the surface of the scuff mark to erase it; the tennis ball acts like a black mark eraser. This usually works on all hard flooring types.

Step 3

Spray a professional hardwood floor cleaner -- if removing the mark from a hardwood floor -- directly on the spot. Rub lightly with a clean cloth and buff with a dry cloth.

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