How to Adjust Weathermatic Sprinklers

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The minimum arc adjustment range is 40 degrees.

Weathermatic sprinklers are installed flush to the ground and are operated by a connected timer. The hidden sprinklers pop up and begin watering in a rotating fashion on certain days when activated by the programmed timer. Each sprinkler's rotation and precipitation rate can be adjusted to better suit its designated watering area. Adjustments are made by twisting parts of the inner assembly with your hands and sometimes a supplied key.


Step 1

Hold the base of the Weathermatic sprinkler with one hand and the spray head with the other. Twist the spray head counterclockwise to unscrew it from the base. Lift up on the spray head to remove the inner assembly. Place the inner assembly bottom down on a flat surface and push the spring-powered cover down to expose the nozzle socket on the side of the inner assembly. Various nozzle types can be inserted to affect the precipitation rate of the sprinkler. While holding down the cover, snap on the collar support to lock the cover down into place.

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Step 2

Insert the desired nozzle into the socket with the ears facing up. Insert the supplied nozzle key into the opening on the top of the spray head and twist it clockwise to lock in the new nozzle. Remove the key from the spray head.

Step 3

Hold the ribbed section of the exposed Weathermatic inner assembly with one hand to keep it steady and grasp the top of the spray head with the index finger and thumb of your other hand. Twist the spray head to increase or decrease the arc angle or rotation range. A quarter-turn counterclockwise increases the range by 90 degrees. A full turn opens the rotation range to 360 degrees, which means the spray head will rotate in a continuous circle one way. The rotation range can be set anywhere from 40 to 360 degrees. Turn the spray head clockwise to decrease the rotation range.


Step 4

Hold the inner assembly below the ribbed section and grasp the spray head with the other hand. Twist the spray head to designate the arc area in accordance with the printed arrow on top of the spray head. The arrow always points to the center of the arc.

Step 5

Insert the supplied key into the opening at the top of the spray head to gain access to the nozzle and exposed inner assembly after the sprinkler is installed. Twist the key 90 degree and then pull up to expose the nozzle socket. Snap on the collar support and replace the nozzle or adjust the arc using the previous steps.

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