My Jasmine Plant Leaves Are Drying Up

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Jasmine produces fragrant, white blossoms.

Jasmine plants are beautiful additions to the home. They have small white blossoms that add a subtle fragrance to the room. However, these plants are temperamental and need the proper care in order to thrive. Leaves will turn brown, dry up and fall off if they don't have the ideal heat and humidity.


Step 1

Water the plant thoroughly so that water runs out the bottom of the pot. Drain the excess water so the roots don't get too wet. Keep the soil moist but not dripping. Water the plant as soon as the soil starts to feel dry. Do not wait until the soil is bone dry.

Step 2

Spray the plant with fresh water and a spray bottle that has a mist setting. Spray it in the morning and in the evening. Jasmines like humid areas and this will help keep the leaves moist and thriving.

Step 3

Remove the plant from any high-heat locations. Jasmines will dry out very quickly if they are located close to a heat source or in a window that gets too hot. They like a lot of sun but can burn in very warm climates if they are placed in front of a very sunny window. Choose a location where the jasmine gets plenty of sun but isn't so hot it dries out. A south-facing window in most climates is ideal.