Instructions for Washing a Max Air Nike Backpack

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Created from polyester and nylon, Nike Air Max backpacks provide several types of styles for users, from basketball equipment packs to school packs. Nike provides backpacks for men, women and children, each using similar designs and materials. When cleaning a backpack, users should note that since the materials are made of polyester and nylon, you can wash a backpack in the washer. Since these materials are synthetic, they will not shrink.


Step 1

Remove any materials from the backpack. Ensure to check each pocket for papers, electronics and pencils.

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Step 2

Place the backpack inside the washing machine. Place 1/4 cup of mild detergent inside the machine. Set the machine to a hot wash with a cold rinse. Close the lid and allow the machine to wash. Wash the backpack by itself.

Step 3

Remove the backpack and place it inside the dryer. Set the dryer to "delicate" to dry the backpack. When you have finished drying, replace the contents of the backpack.

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