How to Rope Off a Tree Limb to Keep it From Falling

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Things You'll Need

  • Extension ladder

  • 1/2-inch twisted nylon and polyester rope

  • Saw

A dead or damaged tree limb that scrapes across your roof and interferes with electrical wires or blocks your view must be removed. Small tree limb removal done from the ground is often a one-person job, but large tree limbs can require help to avoid injury to yourself or damage to surrounding property. Assess the tree limb and the area around the tree before attempting to remove the limb. Rope off the limb correctly before making any cuts to the limb.


Step 1

Prop an extension ladder against the tree trunk. Get a helper to hold the ladder while you climb it to choose a tree branch above the limb you are removing. Choose a healthy branch, the same size or larger than the limb you intend to remove.

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Step 2

Toss one end of a 1/2-inch twisted nylon and polyester rope, rated for 500 lbs. or more, over the branch you chose to support the limb. Wrap the other end of the rope at least twice around the limb you intend to remove, then back over the supporting tree branch.


Step 3

Tie one end of the rope to the tree trunk using a clove hitch or a rolling hitch knot. Get another helper to hold the opposite end of the rope, pulling it tight before you start removing the tree limb.

Step 4

Cut the tree limb from the tree. Undercut the limb one-third of the way through with a saw. Finish removing the limb with an over cut.


Step 5

Lower the cut limb from the tree. Instruct your helper to keep the rope tight while slowly releasing the rope, controlling the descent of the limb to the ground.


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