How to Magnetize Seeds Before Planting

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Things You'll Need

  • 4 ceramic doughnut magnets with 1-inch holes

  • Plastic funnel

  • Superglue

  • Large bucket

  • Seeds

  • Water

Magnetized seeds germinate faster than ordinary seeds.

Magnetizing seeds before planting increases starch and protein production, according to Life Streams International, a maker of household water purification systems. The extra pull on the seeds stimulates rapid and early production, speeding the rate of germination and growth. Life Streams International also states that magnetized seeds have a higher percentage of germination than untreated seeds.


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Step 1

Stack your magnets on top of each other so that they stick together and do not repel each other. The north side of each magnet should be facing up.

Step 2

Smear the narrow tube end of a plastic funnel with some clear superglue. Slide the tube end of the funnel into your magnets, pressing so the funnel tube makes contact with all four magnets. This completes your magnetizing assembly. Let it dry overnight.


Step 3

Hold your funnel over a large bucket. Pour your seeds through the funnel one handful at a time. If the seeds won't flow through smoothly, gently tap and shake the funnel so they continue to fall through into the bucket.

Step 4

Pour water through the funnel into the bucket to soak your seeds. This gives your seeds a double-dose of magnetism. Pour through enough water to just cover your seeds.

Step 5

Allow the seeds to soak for about 12 hours. Drain the water off of the seeds and plant as normal.


Reserve the soaking water to use as the first watering for your planted seeds. You can also pour it on your lawn to see how the grass in that area grows versus the rest of the grass on your lawn.

Magnetize water before watering your magnetized seeds; this gives the seeds an extra boost with each watering.

If you have a large amount of seeds or don’t want to soak them, simply pass the seeds through the funnel without following them with water.



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