How to Install a Sunroof in a Mini Cooper

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Things You'll Need

  • Non-permanent fine point marker

  • Measuring tape

  • Razor blade

  • Saber saw

  • Drill

  • Drill bits

  • Screwdrivers

Adding a sunroof to a Mini Cooper adds more versatility to the vehicle.

The Mini Cooper is a small vehicle that is relatively easy to cool with external airflow because of its size. As an alternative to air conditioning, the car can be cooled with the windows rolled down and an open sunroof, allowing the wind to lower the temperature of the vehicle's interior. The sunroof can also allow sunlight into the vehicle. However, if the Mini Cooper was manufactured without a sunroof, there are still options for installing one, including installing a sunroof at home with a little time and an aftermarket sunroof installation kit.

Step 1

Assess the Mini Cooper's roof and its ability to sustain the installation of a sunroof by inspecting the inside and outside of the roof. Pay special attention to any light fixtures or wires that may be located in the area that you plan to install the sunroof. Your Mini Cooper owner's manual may have a diagram of the roof, which may be helpful, but a sunroof installation kit may also be custom-designed for the Mini Cooper. Measure the available area with the measuring tape.

Step 2

Choose and purchase a sunroof installation kit for the Mini Cooper, giving priority to a kit that is specifically designed for the Mini Cooper and alternatively, a general use sunroof, selected according to the size of the roof of your Mini Cooper and the area available for sunroof installation.

Step 3

Prepare the roof of the Mini Cooper by mapping out the installation area using the sunroof template in the installation kit. Trace the outline of the sunroof template with a non-permanent marker. Prepare for installation by disconnecting the battery terminals, preventing shock in case you inadvertently cut through a wire during the installation process.

Step 4

Drill holes around the outline you traced on the Cooper's roof. Use the drilled holes to start the saw and then saw along the traced outline. Run the saw around the edge of the hole you cut to make certain that any jagged edges are trimmed away.

Step 5

Razor cut the headliner of the Mini Cooper with small strokes of the razor blade, as opposed to sawing actions, which may tear the headliner away from the hole. Razor cut over the hole several times to make certain that the hole is neatly trimmed. Remove and discard the light fixture.

Step 6

Install the frames of the sunroof in the hole you cut in the roof of the Mini Cooper. Check for a snug and secure fit and then install the molding, the Styrofoam inserts and the ring that will hold the sunroof's glass.

Step 7

Install the glass inside the frame of the sunroof, making certain the glass will latch properly and that it fits well inside of the frame.

Step 8

Uninstall the sunroof down to the cut hole and place weather stripping inside of the sunroof hole. Use caulking to fill any gaps between the weather stripping and the frames. Place all of the sunroof installation kit parts back into the hole and tighten the finished sunroof with the screwdriver.

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