How to Troubleshoot an Echo Trimmer

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Things You'll Need

  • Wire bent into a hook

  • Clean rags

  • Funnel

  • Screwdriver

  • Wrench

  • Feeler gauge

Echo is a manufacturer of handheld outdoor power equipment for the residential and commercial market. The company was started in Northbrook, Illinois in 1972. The Echo product line includes sprayers, blowers, chainsaws, drills, edgers, power pruners and trimmers. Echo trimmers are effective tools for getting rid of surface weeds or trimming areas of your lawn where the mower can't reach.


Step 1

Clean or replace the trimmer's air filter and replace the fuel filter and spark plug if the trimmer starts and runs but will not accelerate. Close the choke and remove the air cleaner cover, then pull the filter out. Tap the filter on the ground to bang out any dust or dirt and replace, or replace with a new one if you are unable to remove the dirt or it is soaked in fuel. Remove the fuel cap and drain the tank, then use a homemade fuel line hook to pull the fuel filter out. Install a new one. Make the hook with a length of flexible wire. Remove the engine cover and disconnect the spark plug with a socket wrench and replace with a new one. Take the trimmer to a dealer to have the carburetor adjusted if none of the troubleshooting fixes work.


Step 2

Open the choke by flipping the lever on the choke, clean or replace the air filter and adjust the spark plug gap to 0.7 mm if the engine cranks but is hard starting or won't start at all. The spark plug gap is adjusted by bending the outer electrode on the spark plug itself. Measure it with a feeler gauge. Have the carburetor adjusted if the other methods don't fix the problem.

Step 3

Press down firmly on the spool at the bottom of the trimmer and hold it down while you pull out more nylon cutting string from the dispenser if the string has broken off and is not cutting properly.