How to Turn a Hardwired Light Switch Into a Remote

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Electrical tape

  • Wire nuts

  • Red covered wire

  • Black covered wire

Adding a remote to a room's lighting system is a great way to add convenience to your home. It also allows you to rearrange your furniture without worrying about blocking a light switch. A remote receiver can be wired into almost any existing light switch. However, wiring is a precise and delicate job. Follow these steps to add a remote receiver to your hardwired light switch.


Step 1

Flip your circuit breaker so that no power is supplied to the switch you wish to replace. Modern circuit breakers are clearly labeled as to which switch provides power to which room, but some of the older ones are not labeled. If your circuit breaker is not properly labeled, flip the main switch to cut power to your entire house.


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Step 2

Unscrew the light switch panel from the wall. Place the screws safely to the side, since you will need to restore them later.

Step 3

Pull the light switch panel gently from the wall. Pull the wires out gently and stop when you feel resistance. Do not pull too hard or you might disconnect the wires' other end.


Step 4

Unscrew the wires from the back of your light switch panel using your flathead screwdriver.

Step 5

Attach the exposed metal portion of each wire to the same color wire on the end of your remote receiver; twist the wires together to attach them. Twist one end of your extra black covered wire onto the black wire connection. Twist one end of your extra red covered wire onto the red wire connection.


Step 6

Cap each connection with a wire nut. Wrap any remaining exposed metal wire in electrical tape.

Step 7

Screw the other end of each extra wire connection to the back of your light switch panel. Slide the remote receiver into the wall through the hole where you pulled out the wires. Slide the excess wire back into the wall as well.

Step 8

Screw the light switch panel back into the wall. Restore power through your circuit breaker and test your remote light switch.