How to Tile Wall Around a Door

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Things You'll Need

  • Chalk

  • Level

  • Tile mastic

  • Notched trowel

  • Tiles

  • Tile spacers

  • Grout

  • Grout float

  • Sponge

  • Caulk

Bathrooms often require tile around doors.

Tiling wall around a door is not a matter of a different tiling procedure but rather a question of more careful tile layout, so that the tile surrounding the door is well-placed and aesthetically pleasing. Tiling around the entirety of the door is typically done in bathrooms or kitchens where wall tile is going down already. However, tiling on the wall to outline the door is also a possible design accent.


Step 1

Chalk in the width of the tile around the door frame and the height of the tiles on the width line, using a level to ensure straight lines. Play around with the width of the space between the tiles to ensure even placement of the tiles around the door. Once you are happy with the tile design and placement, continue.


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Step 2

Mix tile mastic per the manufacturer's instructions. Spread a 1/8-inch layer of mastic on the wall, starting at the bottom. Furrow the mastic with the notched side of the trowel and set the first tile into the mastic. Place a tile spacer between the tile and the floor and the tile and the door frame.


Step 3

Apply more mastic up the wall and lay the tiles in the design determined earlier, spacing the tiles with tile spacers, both between each pair of tiles and between tiles and the door frame. Leave to cure for 24 hours once the entire door surround is tiled. If tiling the rest of the wall as well, continue tiling along the wall, starting from the floor and working upward.


Step 4

Take out the tile spacers and mix a batch of grout, following the manufacturer's instructions. Apply the grout with the grout float only to the joints between the tiles. Do not apply the grout to the joint between the first tiles and the floor or between the tiles and the door frame. Wipe off excess grout with the sponge and let cure for 24 hours.


Step 5

Apply a line of caulk to all the joints left un-grouted: the space between the first tiles and the floor, as well as between the tiles and the door frame. Wipe over the caulk with a wet finger to achieve a smooth finish.


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