How to Use Vim on Ceramic Stoves

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Things You'll Need

  • Damp sponge

  • Vim cream cleanser

Ceramic stoves have a smooth, sleek surface that lends a stylish touch to the kitchen. But like all appliances used for cooking, ceramic stoves are routinely exposed to grease splatter and food spills. Unfortunately, ceramic stoves cannot be scrubbed with harsh abrasives like scouring pads or coarse powders. These traditional cleaning methods can scratch ceramic surfaces, ruining the appearance of the appliance. Vim cream is a powerful, nonabrasive cleaning product that can cut through grease and remove stubborn residue. Available in plain or lemon scented, the creamy cleanser is safe for most surfaces, including ceramic.


Step 1

Turn the stove off and wait for the cooking surface to cool. Remove watches and rings to prevent unintentionally scratching the ceramic while you clean.

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Step 2

Wipe the surface of the stove with a damp sponge to remove any loose debris.

Step 3

Squeeze 1 tbsp. of Vim cream directly on to the surface of the stove. Spread the cleanser evenly over the stove top with a damp sponge.

Step 4

Press down firmly on the sponge when you encounter any sticky grease or crusty food spills. Scrub the stains using small circular motions to loosen stubborn residue.


Step 5

Wipe the stove with a damp cloth to remove the Vim cream. Repeat, if necessary. Persistent grease stains and large food spills may require multiple applications.

Step 6

Buff the stove with a soft towel to restore the shine and remove any traces of Vim cream residue.


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