How to Install a Square D Ground Bus

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Things You'll Need

  • Square D ground bus

  • Pencil

  • Drill with Phillips bit

  • Phillips-head self-tapping screws

  • Wire strippers

Electrical panels that do not have a ground bus might need one installed depending on the intended use.

Square D is a line of electrical products from Schneider Electric. They offer panels, sub-panels, breakers and more. Square D panels may or may not come equipped with a Square D ground bus or ground bus bar. If a panel does not come with a ground bus, you might need to install one or install a second one if one is not enough. A Square D ground bus installs just like any other ground bus, but it might be recommended to use Square D ground bus bars with Square D panels, so check your panel documentation to be sure.


Step 1

Shut off electricity to your circuit panel. You might need to shut off your main power outside or contact an electrician to turn it off. Call an electrician if you are unsure how to proceed.

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Step 2

Open the panel. Find a good place to install your Square D ground bus. A spot on the rear of the inside of your panel will be ideal.


Step 3

Hold the ground bus inside the panel where you want to put it. Mark its location using a pencil. Ensure your marks are dark. Most ground bus bars will have with no screws in them for mounting screws.

Step 4

Drive one of the self-tapping screws into the back of your panel, with a drill, so it punctures the metal. Back out the screw. Repeat for every mounting screw mark; your ground bus will install easier.


Step 5

Insert a self-tapping screw into a screw hole on the ground bus. Line the screw up with the correct hole. Use your drill to drive the screw until it it seats fully. Drive screws into the remaining holes. Line them up before driving the screws in.

Step 6

Loosen a ground wire screw on either end of your ground bus. Insert your main ground wire, from the grounding rod, into the hole on the side of ground bus where you loosened the screw. Strip the end, if you need to, with wire strippers. Tighten the screw firmly back into place.

Step 7

Attach any other ground wires necessary. Restore power to your panel.


If you are installing a second ground bus, you will need a jumper wire going from the first ground bus to the new ground bus. Use the same ground wire screw that holds your main ground wire on the first ground bus.


Never work inside of a panel that is electrified. 110 volts can cause burns and/or electrocution.



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