Instructions on Caring for Seersucker Fabric

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Cotton provides seersucker with the lightweight quality many look for in summer.

Seersucker is a lightweight, puckered fabric that can be made from many different materials but is most commonly made from cotton. Many times, seersucker fabric is used to make men's summer suits because of the lightweight cotton. Easy care makes seersucker fabric ideal for summer and vacation clothing for men and women. A definite plus to seersucker fabric is that most of the time you do not need to iron the clothing.


Step 1

Check the garment for any stains. Pretreat the fabric with a stain lifter if necessary.

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Step 2

Place the seersucker fabric in the washing machine. Bleach may be used for whites but might cause yellowing in dyed seersucker fabric.

Step 3

Set washer water temperature to cold.

Step 4

Remove garment from washer and place promptly in the dryer. Your dryer heat setting should be set at a medium heat. If you dry the fabric on a higher setting, you could risk shrinking the garment. You may also choose to hang the garment to dry in order to avoid any possible shrinking.


Seersucker fabric does not need to be ironed. The puckered fabric hides most wrinkles if there are any.


Check your seersucker garment label. Not all seersucker fabric is made from cotton. Follow the care instructions on the label if different from cotton.

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