How to Fix a Loose Electrical Ceiling Box

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips or slotted screwdriver

  • Wood Screws

  • Pliers

Loose and unsecured electrical ceiling boxes can damage the electrical wiring or the connections inside the box. Loose connections or damaged wires can also damage the fixture, short the circuit or cause an electrical fire. If you have a ceiling fan attached to a loose ceiling box, the wobbling of the fan could cause it to fall from the box. The several types of electrical ceiling boxes have several installation options. Check all mounting options on your electrical ceiling box when you fix it.


Step 1

Turn off the electric power to the fixture. Remove the fixture from the loose ceiling electrical box.

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Step 2

Look inside the ceiling box for mounting screws holding the box in the ceiling. Tighten any screws inside the box. Consider adding additional wood screws to hold the box securely to the ceiling joist.


Step 3

Check the U-bolt holding the ceiling electrical box to a mounting bracket if the box is not attached directly to a ceiling joist. Tighten the U-bolt holding the ceiling box to the bracket. The connectors holding the U-bolt to the bracket are at the top of the box. Turn the connectors clockwise using pliers or a screwdriver depending on the manufacturer of the electrical box.


Step 4

Access the attic to check the status of the hanging bracket. Check the screws on the bracket ends holding the bracket to the joist. Tighten the screws into the joist or add additional screws to secure the bracket to the structure.


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