How to Use a Dust Mop

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Things You'll Need

  • Dust mop

  • Broom

  • Dust pan

  • Dusting aid spray

Dust mops allow you to quickly clean hard surface floors, including tile, wood and linoleum. The large-sized head on the mop swivels, which makes it easier to guide it under furniture and around corners. The soft mop head attracts and traps dust and dirt, unlike a broom that just pushes the dirt around. Use a dust mop for quick cleanups between mopping. Since the dust mop prevents dust and dirt from building up, you don't have to mop the floors as often.


Step 1

Remove all rugs from the floors prior to mopping. Set chairs and other easily moved furniture in another room or place them on top of tables.

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Step 2

Push the dust mop around the perimeter of the room, moving in one direction. Do not lift the mop from the floors, instead push with an even, smooth motion. The dust mop head swivels around corners.


Step 3

Spiral toward the center of the room as you push the mop. Mop the entire floor surfaces so you don't leave behind any dirt.

Step 4

Sweep the collected dirt into a dust pan with a standard broom. Shake the head of the dust mop outdoors, dislodging any dirt or dust caught in its fibers.


Step 5

Spray a dusting aid spray onto the head of the mop. Mop the floor a second time, using the same spiral pattern. The dusting aid spray attracts any remaining dust and helps shine the floor.


On wood floors, spray wood floor treatment onto the dust mop instead of using the dusting aid spray.

Mist the mop head with water before dusting under rarely moved furnishing. The slightly dampened mop head removes more dust than a dry mop head.



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