How to Replace a Clutch Slave Cylinder on a Chevy S10

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Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench

  • Car jack

The clutch slave cylinder on your Chevrolet S-10 is located underneath the truck. An important component of the S-10's hydraulic clutch system, the slave cylinder is necessary for safely operating your vehicle. It is connected to the outside of the transmission and should be replaced immediately if begins to malfunction. Thankfully, replacing your S-10's clutch slave cylinder is a fairly simple procedure that should not take you more than half an hour to perform.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative cable from the battery with a socket wrench.

Step 2

Lift up the S10 with a car jack. Use a socket wrench to remove the two bolts securing the hydraulic line to the slave cylinder and remove the hydraulic line. Repeat this process with the hydraulic line connected to the master cylinder.

Step 3

Use a socket wrench to uninstall the two bolts securing the slave cylinder to the S10. Pull the slave cylinder off the transmission and install a replacement slave cylinder.

Step 4

Reattach the two bolts and reconnect both hydraulic lines. Lower the S10 and reconnect the negative cable to the battery.

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