How to Properly Drain Your Marquis Spa

Spas made by Marquis Spas need to be drained every three to four months in order to clean out and -- if necessary -- repair the insides of the spa. Because this is a regular maintenance issue, Marquis Spas all come with a simple drain system already installed. All you have to do is use it.

Step 1

Unplug or otherwise turn off all power to the spa.

Step 2

Locate the hose connector on the outside of the spa near the bottom of one of the sidewalls.

Step 3

Remove the bib plug from the connector piece, then screw your garden hose onto the connector. Place the other end of the hose somewhere where there is adequate drain-off or where you won't mind a lot of water being pumped.

Step 4

Open the equipment compartment panel on the outside of the spa and locate the drain valve. It will look like a T-connector pipe with a knob coming out the top, and two hose pipes will be attached to either end.

Step 5

Open the drain valve by turning the knob counterclockwise. This will begin the draining process. Allow all the water to flow out of the spa.

Step 6

Close the drain valve, disconnect the hose and reinsert the bib plug into the drain connector piece.