How to Add Navigation to X3

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The BMW X3 is a smaller sized SUV; it is the "little cousin" to the company's larger X5. The X3 is available with factory installed navigation. If your X3 does not have the pre-installed BMW navigation system but you still wish to add navigation to your car you have two options: use an aftermarket external dash mount GPS or an in-dash system. Install the in-dash yourself if you are technically savvy, or have it installed at a BMW service center. If you install it yourself, however, be aware that you may void the BMW warranty.

Above Dash Option

Step 1

Write down what features you want for your GPS system. For example, if you live in a hand's free state and wish to make calls while driving, you may want to get a GPS with Bluetooth cell-phone syncing capabilities. Select a suitable GPS navigation device for your purposes.

Step 2

Wash off the section of the dash board where the GPS is mounted. Use a little rubbing alcohol and a rag to clean the area of grit and grime. Mount the holding bracket to the location.

Step 3

Plug the GPS device into the power outlet -- or cigarette lighter -- in the X3.


Step 1

Select the Navigation options you wish for your device. The X3 is equipped to take navigation touch screens up to 7 inches in width should your needs include the touch screen functions.

Step 2

Purchase the navigation system from the source of your choice. Make an appointment with a certified BMW service center to have the GPS system installed. Failure to have a certified BMW mechanic or service center do the installation may void the BMW warranty.

Step 3

Bring the X3 to the center for the installation appointment.

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