How to Paint Your Adobe Home

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Things You'll Need

  • Boiled linseed oil

  • Paint thinner

  • Cotton rags

  • Paint

  • Paint roller

Adobe is a mixture of water and dirt, piled and dried to form walls.

A fresh coat of paint on an adobe home gives it a new appearance. A typical adobe home is earthen in color. The mud substance ranges from light beige to deep shades and tones of brown. If you are tired of these neutral shades, it is possible to paint your adobe home. However, if you apply paint directly over the mud walls, the paint will absorb into the wall. Prepare the wall first for best results.


Step 1

Mix 3 parts paint thinner to 1 part boiled linseed oil. Both items are available at home improvement and paint stores. Stir well.

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Step 2

Apply the linseed oil and paint thinner mixture to the adobe walls using cotton rags. This mixture acts as a sealant, so be sure to cover the entire wall, including every nook and cranny. Allow to dry for 24 hours.


Step 3

Paint the wall with an exterior, oil-based paint. Use a roller with long fibers. Allow the first coat to dry.

Step 4

Apply a second coat of paint to the wall using the roller. After the drying period, decide if you need a third coat.


Oil-based paints are thicker and allow for less absorbing into the adobe. Even with the sealer, some paint will absorb.


Fill and repair any cracks in the adobe prior to painting.


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