How to Splice a Clothesline

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp knife

  • Matches or lighter

Splice a clothesline to get more use out of the line.

Clotheslines offer a convenient way to dry laundry while saving money on electricity. Whether coated in vinyl or plastic or made of nylon, most clotheslines will eventually begin to wear and fray. Rather than replace the entire line, cut away the damaged section and splice the two ends together with a simple overhand knot that holds tight and minimizes slippage.

Step 1

Cut away frayed or damaged ends of the clothesline with a knife so you have clean cuts on each end.

Step 2

Hold the two ends together so both point in the same direction.

Step 3

Bend the line into a loop and insert the two ends through the loop. Pull tightly.

Step 4

Cut the ends close to the knot.

Step 5

Hold a burning match or lighter to the ends of the spliced line for a few seconds to melt the vinyl or plastic coating or nylon tips. This will reduce fraying.