How to Replace a Manual White-Rodgers Thermostat

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White-Rodgers manufactures thermostats to control your heating or air conditioning system. The manual models have only one easy-to-operate switch to turn the temperature up or down for comfort in your home. A needle indicator at the top of the thermostat shows the current ambient temperature. The manual models are rectangular and install either horizontally or vertically on the wall.


Step 1

Turn the power breaker to the existing thermostat off.

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Step 2

Pull the top of the thermostat cover with one hand while holding the base with the other hand to release it. Pull the cover straight off.


Step 3

Insert a small flat-head screwdriver into the left terminal screw. Turn the screw one to two turns counterclockwise to loosen it. Pull the white wire out from underneath the terminal screw. Repeat this process to loosen the right terminal screw and remove the red wire.

Step 4

Remove the top and bottom mounting screws in the thermostat base by turning in a counterclockwise direction. Pull each screw out of the wall. Pull the thermostat base off the wall.


Step 5

Pull the cover off the new thermostat. Remove any packing material inside the thermostat.

Step 6

Place the new thermostat base near the wall and insert the white and red wires through the hole in the back of the base.


Step 7

Loosen both terminal screws and insert the white wire under the left and the red wire under the right screw. Tighten each screw clockwise with a small flat-head screwdriver.

Step 8

Place one mounting screw in the top hole and one in the bottom hole of the base. Screw each one into the wall by turning it clockwise.

Step 9

Center the cover over the thermostat and press it onto the base. Turn the electrical breaker on.


Replacing a thermostat with the same make and model allows usage of the same mounting holes in the wall.

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