How to Sandblast Paint Off Concrete

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Things You'll Need

  • Safety glasses

  • Gloves

  • Respiratory mask

  • Sandblaster

  • Sand

Wear protective clothing and head gear when using a sandblaster.

Sandblasting is an effective method for removing paint from concrete surfaces when you use the equipment properly. Incorrectly using a sandblaster can damage the concrete surface. A sandblaster is a powerful tool that you need concentration and protective clothing to operate. Work slowly when sandblasting paint off concrete for the best results.


Step 1

Put on protective safety glasses, gloves and respiratory mask. Ear protection is also recommended.

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Step 2

Close the valves on the sandblaster and fill the machine with sand to the fill line.


Step 3

Pull the O-ring to seal the fill valve closed and connect the sandblaster to the pressure washer or air compressor.

Step 4

Turn on the sandblaster and open the nozzle valve slowly. A fine mist of sand will spray from the nozzle.


Step 5

Direct the sand mist onto the concrete surface in a slow smooth motion beginning in the corner. Work in a straight line up and down and then across the concrete until the paint is removed. Keep the sandblaster's nozzle constantly moving to avoid damaging the concrete surface.


Crystalline silica, which is sometimes a component in the sand used in sandblasters, is a harmful toxin that can lead to death if you inhale large amounts.


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