How to Make Cardboard Baby Shower Blocks

Things You'll Need

  • 44-inch by 28-inch white poster board

  • Newsprint or a large sheet of white paper

  • Ruler

  • Pencil

  • Felt-tip pen

  • Scissors

  • Utility knife

  • Craft glue or clear tape

  • Craft paint and brushes

  • Tissue paper

  • Small candies

The old-fashioned alphabet building block is the inspration for these cardboard baby shower favor boxes.

Small cardboard boxes painted to look like alphabet building blocks serve double duty for a baby shower: they make cute decorations, and can be filled with treats to take home as shower favors for guests. For easy folding, use a thin cardboard such as poster board. Choose a color scheme that matches the shower theme, such as pastels based on the gender of the baby or a gender-neutral color. Bright primary colors work too, especially for less traditional showers.

Step 1

Cut poster board into eight 14-inch by 11-inch pieces by cutting in half lengthwise and dividing each half into four equal parts, 11 inches wide. Each full sheet will make eight boxes.

Step 2

Make a template on a large piece of newsprint paper: Measure and mark 11 inches across from the top left edge, and again from the left edge about 14 inches down. With the straight edge of a ruler, connect the marks. Repeat at 10, 7, 4 and 1 inches from the edge, leaving three 3-inch wide columns with 1-inch columns on either side.

Step 3

Measure and mark 3 inches down from the top left edge, repeating at about 12 inches across. Connect the marks with the straight edge of a ruler. Repeat at 6, 9, 12 and 13 inches down, leaving a grid of 3-inch squares with 1-inch columns of the left, right, and bottom edges.

Step 4

Outline the four center squares in felt pen; these will be the sides of the box. On the top row, outline the left-of-center box and the 1-inch column; this will be the lid. On the row third from the top, outline the right-of-center square and the 1-inch column; this will be the bottom. On the second and fourth rows from the top, draw 2-inch slightly tapered tabs on either side of the center squares. Cut out the template.

Step 5

Lay the paper template on a cut piece of poster board and trace. Cut along the outside edge with a utility knife. With a pencil, draw the inner lines onto the cutout to guide the folding; fold sharply on the lines, creating a box. Glue the side and bottom tabs to secure, leaving the top unglued.

Step 6

Paint the sides of the box with letters and numbers inside square frames to resemble building blocks. Look at pictures of traditional blocks as a guide, if necessary. Allow the box to dry completely before filling.

Step 7

Cut tissue paper into 5-inch squares and tuck two into each box. Fill boxes with candies, fold tissue over them and close the boxes.

Step 8

Arrange the boxes on a table, mantel or buffet as decorations. At the end of the shower, give each guest a box as a favor to take home.


Other fillers may include small packets of flower or herb seeds or tiny gifts such as magnets or bath fizzies.


Always cut on a cutting surface such as corrugated cardboard when using a utility knife. Always cut away from yourself.