How to Wrap a Baby Shower Gift

Baby gifts can be beautifully presented instead of hiding them inside a wrapping paper.
Baby gifts can be beautifully presented instead of hiding them inside a wrapping paper. (Image: old stroller v4. image by Lars Christensen from

Make your baby shower gift stand out from the paper-wrapped ones. Although wrapping papers and paper gift bags are available in many different colors and designs, a creative and cost-effective alternative is using the gifts themselves as wrappings. Use a baby blanket to wrap small items such as pacifiers, big safety pins and rattles, or attach these cute gifts to the wrapping as colorful accents. Either way, you'll create one-of-a-kind gift packages that will be a hit at any baby shower.

Things You'll Need

  • Baby gifts
  • Baby accessories
  • Ribbons
  • Gift tags

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Gift as Wrapping

Choose gift items that can double as package wrapping. For example, baby blankets, bath towels or crib sheets can be used to wrap a boxed gift. Smaller gifts can be tucked inside a rolled crib bumper pad. Fill a small pillow case with baby items. Wrap small gifts with burp pads.

Tie a ribbon around the gift to hold the wrapping in place. Secure the wrapping with baby pins, if desired. Roll up a sheet or receiving blanket and wrap it around a gift in place of ribbons.

Decorate the wrapped gifts with baby items. Tie baby rattles, pacifiers, baby bottles or feeding spoons onto the gift with ribbons. Make decorative flowers easily with rolled-up baby socks, wash cloths, bibs or hats to tie onto the gift. Clip barrettes or pin baby jewelry and other small items onto the ribbons or ribbon substitutes.

No-Wrap Gifts

Assemble a stroller, high chair or baby swing. Remove car seats, walkers and ride-on toys from the box. Use diaper bags, clothes hampers, diaper stackers or baby bathtubs to hold other gifts. Use baby clothing items as wrapping for smaller gifts.

Place other gifts inside no-wrap gifts. Set a stuffed toy inside a sit-in gift. Fill diaper bags and hampers with smaller gifts, diapers or baby wipes. Tape bath items inside a baby bathtub. Place rolled-up blankets or onesies inside another onesie for a stuffed-look gift. Give a stuffed animal that is wearing a baby outfit, socks, cap or bib. Cover a carriage pad with a baby sheet and place it, with a baby blanket, inside a carriage. Tape a baby outfit onto the outside of a package of diapers or multiple packs of baby wipes.

Add decorative touches to no-wrap gifts. Tie small baby items onto the handle of a stroller or car seat. Tape books and music CDs onto a stuffed animal's hands. Form a garland with baby socks, rattles, pacifiers, teething rings and soft toys. Tie the garland items together with ribbons or tie them onto a rolled-up blanket or towel.


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