The Heat & Glo Pilot Will Not Stay On

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Heat & Glo quality gas fireplaces have forged-iron fronts and burners made from 100 percent stainless steel, but just like any other fireplace, you might encounter problems with these units from time to time. If your Heat & Glo fireplace will not stay lit, it could be an easy fix. The best thing to solve the problem is to try some troubleshooting before calling a professional.


Heat & Glo Fireplace Pilot Light

To get started, you will want to understand the basics of how gas fireplaces work. These units have dedicated gas supplies to burn as fuel and electrical supplies for the ignition systems, the latter of which can be a pilot light or an electronic ignition system. You can start ignition systems with a pilot, thermocouple, thermopile or spark ignitor.


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The pilot flame lights the main burner flames, creating heat output and flame effects. You can adjust the flame's size with controls. Gas fireplaces also have faux fireplace media, like coals or logs. There will also be a source for an internal or external air supply to feed the flames. The pilot flame usually stays on even when the main burner flames are off.


Turning on the Pilot Light

To light a Heat & Glo fireplace pilot light, remove the glass, locate the gas supply valve and open it. You should see the pilot assembly and spark igniter toward the back of the firebox below and behind the logs. Find the black or red button for the igniter and look for a spark at the pilot area. If you don't have a manual ignition system, turn on the remote control, wall switch or on/off button.


Look for a green or black control knob that says "on," "off" and "pilot." Push this and rotate it until the "pilot" matches up in the 6 o'clock position. Then, hold in the valve at this position and press the black or red button once every second until the pilot ignites. If it doesn't, give it five minutes and try again. When it is lit, hold it for 30 seconds and release it slowly. Once it is on, press the valve again and rotate it until it reaches "on" at the 6 o'clock position. Then, shut off the gas supply valve and put the glass back.


What Is a Gas Log Thermocouple?

If you follow all the steps and your Heat & Glo fireplace will not stay lit, you'll need to start troubleshooting. The problem could be the thermocouple, which is a safety device that is part of the ignition system. These devices prevent the gas valve from opening when the pilot is not lit. They look like metal rods and extend out in front of the pilot. Thermocouples sometimes accumulate carbon buildup and need to be cleaned. Try using a piece of fine-grit sandpaper, rubbing back and forth on the thermocouple until it looks shiny.


A thermopile for a gas fireplace is similar to a thermocouple. It is a group of thermocouples bundled together to generate more electricity. If you see buildup on a thermopile, you can treat it the same way as a thermocouple by sanding it down. Gas fireplace problems can also be caused by faulty gas valves, dirty and clogged burner ports and the wrong gas pressure.



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