How to Make a Tobacco Pipe With Homemade Items

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Things You'll Need

  • Wood

  • Saw

  • Drill

  • Drill bits

  • Piping or tube

  • Skewer

  • Wood/Super glue

  • Apple

  • Knife

  • Lighter

Make a simple pipe from household items.

If you find yourself in the position of not having a tobacco pipe, build one for yourself using household items. Building a wooden pipe is a more permanent solution to this problem but requires minor woodworking skills. People without such skills or those who only need a pipe temporarily can make a pipe from an apple. This project requires only a firm apple and a knife to create a pipe that adds a distinctive flavor to tobacco.


Wooden Pipe

Step 1

Select a piece of wood to act as the bowl. Start the bowl by carefully piercing the center of the wood with an ice pick or a sharp knife.

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Step 2

Drill into the point you hard marked using a small-diameter drill. Measure the depth you need to drill to and mark that point on the bit by wrapping tape around it.


Step 3

Drill again using a bit with a slightly wider diameter. Repeat this process with ever-larger bits until the bowl is the size you want.

Step 4

Create the stem from something with thin piping, such as a pen with the ink cartridge removed. Or find an elderberry tree and cut off a branch that has been hollowed out if you desire a wooden stem. Push a skewer into the branch to remove any remaining pith.


Step 5

Drill into the side of the bowl to make a hole for the stem, using a bit that's the same size as the stem. The hole should be about halfway down the bowl.

Step 6

Push the stem into the side of the bowl, securing it with a scrap of wood or super glue to keep it in place if necessary.


Apple Pipe

Step 1

Transform a firm apple into a pipe.

Cut a bowl into the apple, where the top of the pipe is the top of the apple with the stalk. Carefully cut away the core. The bowl should be relatively small, leaving a fair amount of apple around it.


Step 2

Create a hole on the side of the apple that leads through to the bowl using a small knife or a closed pair of scissors.

Step 3

Dry the inside of the bowl with a lighter, holding the pipe upside down and running the flame around the edge of the bowl. Do this in one- to three-second "bursts," checking the inside of the bowl after each attempt. Although this won't dry the bowl completely, the process will remove excess moisture that otherwise would make the tobacco damp.


Step 4

Inhale from the pipe with your mouth against the side of the apple or attach a stem, such as a pen with the ink cartridge removed. Push the pen into the apple only very slightly so the flame is nowhere near the plastic.


Get raw material for a pipe bowl by sawing off the leg of an old piece of furniture. Cherry, hard maple and plum work well for this project. Find an item suitable for a stem, such as a piece of elderberry or ash branch, with the pith removed using a wire. Select a hard apple for the pipe; soft apples will not be durable or dry enough. Experiment by using other fruits. Eat the apple when you're finished.


Take care when using knives and saws.



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