How to Substitute Celery Salt For Celery Seed

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Things You'll Need

  • Recipe

  • Pen or pencil

  • Measuring cups or spoons

  • Celery salt

Add celery taste to your recipe with either celery seed or celery salt.

Celery seed imbues food or drink with a strong, lasting and fresh celery taste. Many types of recipes call for celery seeds in their ingredient lists, including mixed vegetable juices, soups, specialty sandwiches and spice blends for chicken, pork and beef preparation. Since celery salt contains celery seed as a quarter or more of its composition, you can substitute celery salt for celery seed if you find you're out of celery seed halfway through a recipe.


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Step 1

Calculate the amount of celery salt you'll need by examining the amount of celery seed called for in your recipe. Celery salt is between ¼ and ½ celery salt, so you'll need to add extra celery salt to create a similar flavor, depending on the composition of your particular celery salt.


Step 2

Multiply the amount of celery seed called for by ¼ or ½, then measure out that amount in celery salt to use in your recipe. For example, if the recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of celery seed, use 1 ¼ or 1 ½ teaspoons of celery salt. Add that amount of celery salt to your prepared ingredients.


Step 3

Mark or circle any mention of salt in your recipe's ingredients list. Since many recipes that call for celery seeds are soups and spice blends, you'll probably find some salt to eliminate. If your recipe doesn't contain any salt for you to remove, you might find that the results of your substitution are too salty, so proceed with caution.


Step 4

Remove ¾ teaspoons to a ½ teaspoon of salt for every teaspoon of salt called for in your recipe, depending on the amount of salt in your particular brand of celery salt. Check the label for information on how much salt is in each serving.


If you have dietary or health concerns involving salt consumption, you should use the celery seed instead of celery salt whenever possible.