How to Deflate Helium Balloons

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Make sure to recycle your helium balloons.
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Foil and Mylar helium balloons can add a lot of panache to parties, but once everyone has left, you will eventually need to deflate them. Sure, you can leave them floating for a week or so, but if you have a large number of helium balloons, they will certainly be getting in your way. In case you weren't aware, these balloons are reusable, so it might be worth saving them for future use, and you can also recycle them. So, instead of just popping the balloons, you should learn how to safely deflate them.


Deflating Helium Balloons

These kinds of balloons have flaps on the bottoms where the air goes in; they are then sealed shut with ribbons. To deflate one, take a clean cocktail straw and pierce through the flap. Gently nudge it in further, taking care not to damage the flap or balloon walls. Let the helium out through a window if possible using pressure to push down on the balloon to release the gas.


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When deflated, the balloon will be just as flat as a piece of paper. If you do plan to reuse the balloons, do not fold them, as this can cause them to crack. Instead, keep them flat and separate them with pieces of tissue paper. Store them flat in a room that does not get too hot.

Recycling Helium Balloons

You may be able to take your deflated helium balloons to a gift shop that has a helium tank. There, they may be able to inflate your balloons for a reasonable price. Otherwise, they can be cut up and used for a variety of different things.


For instance, try using them to wrap gifts. If you have many of the same kind of balloon, they will look just like shiny wrapping paper when taped together. The deflated balloons also make great gift bags; just tie them shut with matching ribbon.

The foil or Mylar can also be incorporated into Halloween costumes and accessories. You could find a pattern and make a spacesuit or even cut up the pieces and glue them together to make shiny wigs. Just turn the balloons inside out if they have things printed on them. They can also be used for wall decorations or to make greeting cards.


More Tips for Mylar Balloons

Some Mylar and foil balloons are self-sealing and can be easily inflated at home. All you really need is a regular-size straw. Just insert the straw into the flap and blow up the balloons one at a time. If you have a lot of balloons, have some friends come over to help. Remember that air does not float like helium. Air-filled balloons can be taped on a wall instead.


Stores like Party City sell helium tanks, which can be great for large parties. Many come with balloons and ribbons too, and the kits range from around $50 to $70. You may also find places to rent helium tanks, but these are usually larger and more expensive. These bigger types are rented out for larger events, like company parties and big weddings.



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