How to Make a Granny Face Out of Stuffed Pantyhose

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Polyester fiberfill or cotton balls

  • Needle and thread

  • Buttons, feathers or beads

  • Yarn or ribbon

Repurpose your worn pantyhose instead of tossing them in the garbage.

Dolls made from pantyhose are a form of crafting that began with stockings long before the invention of nylon. However, with nylon you can stuff the doll and create distinct facial features by tucking and sewing the material. Add embellishments, such as buttons, beads or embroidery, to give your granny face an individual quality. Create a stuffed pantyhose doll in remembrance of a grandmother or give a living nanny a doll that looks like her. Make granny dolls for children to use as puppets, fashioning clothing for the dolls based on each performance.


Step 1

Cut the foot off of the pantyhose, giving you at least 12 inches to work with for the granny doll. Stuff the cotton balls or polyester fiberfill into the pantyhose, adding and packing as needed until the doll head is firmly filled. Gather the stuffed pantyhose and tie the base of the hose tightly beneath the stuffed part, as if you were tying a filled balloon.

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Step 2

Thread the needle with a single thread. Insert the needle through the top of the head and go out in the spot where you want to sew the nose. Sew a small circle for the nose, using tiny stitches as you gather stuffing with the needle each time you stick the needle into the pantyhose. Finish the circle and send the needle back through the top of the head, pulling the thread taut to make the nose noticeable. Tie a knot in the thread to complete the nose.


Step 3

Complete the eyes in the same manner as the nose, but make the circles larger, in approximately the size of a nickel. Make slits of eyes by sewing a single line for each eye instead of sewing circles for wide-open eyes.

Step 4

Insert the needle through the top of the head and back out of each corner of the mouth, with the corners falling low for a frowning granny or at a raised area for a grin. Sew a single stitch in the corner of the cheek area for a smiling granny to have a simple dimple.


Step 5

Glue or sew on buttons for a more distinct eye. Attach curled ribbons or yarn for hair, or paint on the face to add wrinkles or makeup. Sew beads around the neck area for a necklace, or add beads for earrings on the side of the head.


Choose a clear thread or light-colored thread for an invisible seam in the granny's face.

Make a dress or shirt for your doll by sewing together material scraps.


Keep small buttons or tiny beads off of dolls given to small children to prevent choking.


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