How to Make Corned Beef Less Salty

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Things You'll Need

  • Water

  • Saucepan

Corned beef was Ireland's biggest export in the 17th century

Corned beef gets its name from the kernel-shaped pieces of salt that the meat is packed in. It is made from brisket, a lean meat from the limbs of the cow. It is made by soaking cooked brisket in salted water and spices. The salt preserves the meat so it can be tinned and kept for long periods of time. In the U.S., it is traditional to prepare dishes with corned beef on St. Patrick's Day, however it is not commonly eaten on this day in Ireland.


Removing the Salt

Step 1

Place corned beef in a saucepan with cold water.

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Step 2

Bring water to the boil and remove from the heat. Let it sit for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Empty the pan and fill with water again. Repeat this process two more times.

Step 4

Drain the corned beef. You can now cook it as desired or eat it as it is


Corned beef can be put into sandwiches as well as be used as the base of many dishes such as corned beef hash or with cabbage and potatoes. It can be baked, boiled and fried. Too much salt can increase blood pressure, therefore people with high blood pressure should cut down on their sodium intake.

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