How to Transition From Carpet to Hardwood

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Things You'll Need

  • Hardwood floor slat or header board

  • or

  • Overlap endcap

  • Wood flooring glue

Transition from wood floor to carpet with a wood slat.

If you are planning on putting down different types of floor covering in your house, you will need some type of transition aid to help make the material look finished, You can accomplish this in different ways depending on what types of flooring material are coming in contact with one another. For carpet and wood transitions, the technique is fairly basic and straightforward.


Step 1

Pull the carpet up to the stopping point where you want the hardwood floor to start, or have the carpet installers do so. Tuck the end under and secure it, then install the wood flooring.

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Step 2

Measure the distance of the space where the carpet will bump up against the wood flooring.

Step 3

Cut the wood trim piece you plan on using to the length needed. Use more than one piece if the length is too long.

Step 4

Make a bead of glue on the bottom of the trim piece and slide it in the opening between the hardwood and carpet. Press down and hold it a minute until the glue starts to take hold. If the trim has a notch to connect it with the previous slat, such as with floating floors, make sure to tap it into place with a rubber mallet so it is secure on the wood floor side. Use a header board for glued down flooring and an overlapping end cap for floating floors.The end cap will allow the boards underneath to move.


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