How to Make a Bee Costume for Kids

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Things You'll Need

  • Black sweatshirt

  • Scissors

  • Yellow tape

  • Yellow tulle fabric

  • 5 gold pipe cleaners

  • Safety pins

  • Yellow foam

  • Small saucer or plate

  • Glue

  • 2 sturdy foam balls

  • Paintbrush

  • Gold glitter

  • Paper plate

  • Headband

Use strips of yellow tape to mimic a bee's yellow stripes.

Whether they are dressing up for a Halloween party or a school play, children always seem to enjoy wearing outfits. Although costumes are available seasonally at Halloween shops, they can be created year-round at home. For a child who wants to dress up as a bee, you can easily create a costume using some basic materials you can find at most craft supply stores. Your child will take pleasure in helping you create this one-of-a-kind bee costume.


Body and Wings

Step 1

Tear off a strip of yellow tape, and place it horizontally across the sweatshirt. Continue tearing off strips of tape and placing them onto the sweatshirt, until both the front and back sections of the garment are covered in yellow stripes.

Step 2

Cut a piece of yellow tulle, 30 inches-by-60 inches. Lay the fabric flat on the floor. Then, gather the fabric together width-wise into the center. Secure the gathered fabric by wrapping a pipe cleaner around it. This is the beginning of the wings for your costume.


Step 3

Grab one corner of tulle fabric, and pull it toward the center of the gathered fabric. Secure the corner in place by pulling it under the pipe cleaner. Repeat with the remaining three corners of fabric. Then, secure all the corners in place by tightly tying the pipe cleaner around them.

Step 4

Line the tops of the wings up to the back of the sweatshirt at approximately shoulder-blade level. Attach the tops of the wings to the sweatshirt with safety pins.


Step 1

Lay your sheet of yellow foam onto your work surface. Lay a small plate on top, and trace the shape using your pencil. Cut this shape out of the foam.


Step 2

Cut halfway across the widest point of the foam circle using your scissors. Twist the circle onto itself into a party hat shape. Glue the layered, inner edge to the outer edge to prevent the shape from untwisting. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Step 3

Line up the stinger to the bottom, back edge of your sweatshirt. Pin it into place using several safety pins.


Step 1

Twist two pipe cleaners tightly together. Stick the end of the twisted pipe cleaners into one foam ball. Repeat this step one more time to create a second antenna.


Step 2

Dip your paintbrush into your glue, and paint it onto your foam balls. Roll the balls into gold glitter. Then, set them aside on a paper plate until dry.

Step 3

Untwist the ends of each antenna. Then, twist these ends onto your headband, securing them in place by twisting them as tightly as possible.


Dress your child in black pants and shoes to complete the costume.

To avoid ruining the paintbrush used to apply glue, thoroughly rinse it under running water out as soon as you are done using it.