How to Convert Sugar From Ounces to Cups

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Brown sugar has a different weight than white sugar.

Baking can be difficult, especially when you lack proper measuring tools. However, weight in ounces can be converted to cup measurements through known conversion factors. Sugar can be difficult to convert because different types of sugar, like white or granulated, brown and powdered or confectioners sugar have weights that differ from each other, and the same type of sugar can weigh differently in different states. Knowing the different conversion factors for types of sugar can help you to convert sugar weight in ounces to cup measurements.


Step 1

Multiply the weight of granulated sugar and packed light and brown sugar in ounces by 0.140625 to obtain the number of cups. For example, 8 oz. multiplied by 0.140625 equals 1.125 cups.

Step 2

Multiply the weight of loosely packed light or dark brown sugar by 0.211 to obtain the amount in cups. For example, the amount of 5 oz multiplied by 0.211 equals 1.055 cups.

Step 3

Multiply the weight of powdered sugar in ounces by 0.25 to obtain the amount in cups. For example, if the weight is 6 oz., 6 multiplied by 0.25 equals 1.5 cups.


Step 4

Multiply the weight of sifted powdered sugar in ounces by 0.28125 to obtain the amount in cups. For example, if the weight is 4 oz., 4 multiplied by 0.28125 equals 1.125 cups.


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