How to Redeem a Visa Gift Card

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A Visa gift card allows you to choose your own gift, instead of getting something you might not really enjoy, for a holiday or your birthday. However, while these cards can be used just about anywhere and for any type of purchase, many people still have questions about how to redeem them and what the rules are that govern these gift cards.


Step 1

Determine the amount of the balance on the card. You can generally get this information from the back of the card, where it should be written in by the person that purchased the card for you. However, if the giver did not, you can call the number on the back of the gift card and get the balance or go to the Visa website and check the balance. Keep in mind, however, that if you choose to call for the balance, you will be charged a fee. You can also have a store clerk run the card for you to see what the balance is on it.

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Step 2

Sign the back of the card. According to the Visa website, this ensures that you are the only person that can use it.

Step 3

Figure out whether the card is a general Visa gift card or if it has a specific store association. If it is a general Visa gift card, you can shop with it anywhere that takes Visa. If it is specific to a particular retailer, then despite the Visa logo, you are limited to shopping with that particular retailer.


Step 4

Present the card to the cashier upon making a purchase. The cashier will run the gift card for the amount. You must present another form of payment if the amount of your purchase exceeds the amount of the gift card.


When checking your account balance on the Visa website, you will be prompted for a password. The last six numbers on the card are your initial password.

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