How to Kill Termites Without Tenting Your Home With Toxic Fumes

Termite damage can hurt the value of your home.
Termite damage can hurt the value of your home. (Image: tree with termite holes image by Yvette Bessels from

Termites can do a great deal of damage to the wood structures that support your home. The insects multiply quickly and can eventually cause enough damage to affect the value of your home. One option in regard to getting rid of termites is actually covering your entire home in a tent and fumigating it. That step is usually considered drastic, inconvenient and expensive. There are steps that can try to eliminate the termites first.

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Focus on prevention first. If you take the steps to protect your home from termites, you may avoid the problem altogether. Install vents and protect the attic and basement of your home from moisture. Termites cannot thrive in a dry environment and will not nest there.

Protect the soil around your home by adding termiticide around the perimeter of the structure. Two popular termiticides currently on the market are Premise and Termidor. Premise uses a product derived from nicotine called imidacloprid as an active ingredient while Termidor uses a chemical known as fipronil. Most products of this type under a five-year warranty if an infestation reoccurs in the treated area. Wear protective rubber gloves and goggles when working with chemicals.

Protect the walls of your home directly. Use bait, fume, liquid or foam inserted into your walls to try to control your termite problem. Electrocution via a product called an Electrogun is also an option but can fail if you have an underground termite problem or if your termite infestation has gotten out of hand. Call a professional for help if you cannot control the damage being caused. The more time that passes, the more of a problem that you will have.


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