How to Get Rid of Fleas in Bark Dust

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Things You'll Need

  • Yard and kennel spray

  • Garden hose

Bark dust is the pulverized bark of trees, which creates very attractive dark reddish brown mulch. It provides a lush and saturated layer of color to surrounding front yard and backyard landscapes. Many people use it on the ground to give areas surrounding bushes and trees a finishing touch. Even though it is a cost-effective way to spruce up the yard,, bark dust does have its downfalls. One problem it creates is providing a home for fleas during cooler weather. To rid your outdoor environment of fleas, use flea control in areas where bark dust exists.


Step 1

Purchase a brand of yard and kennel spray and attach it to the garden hose. Make sure the attachment from the spray and hose are well connected. Turn on the water.

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Step 2

Push down the tab on the nozzle until it locks into place. Make sure you turn the nozzle into the "On" position.

Step 3

Spray the yard and kennel spray onto the bark dust and any other areas near the bark dust. Apply the spray evenly throughout all areas where fleas may hide. This includes surrounding grass, trees and shrubs.


It is important to spray within a radius of 30 feet from your home. Fleas travel a long distance and can make their way into your home, on to your pet, and other items in your household.

Do not attempt to drown the fleas. Over saturation of the bark dust does not kill more fleas and it is not an effective way to rid your outdoor environment of fleas.

Use the yard and kennel spray once a year to keep your flea problem under control. Also, make sure you use the product during nice weather.

Use a non-toxic kennel spray cleaner. Many are available through your veterinarian or specialty stores. You will feel more at ease knowing that the product you are using is safe for your pets and the environment.

Allow the yard and kennel spray to dry completely. Once you apply the spray, do not attempt to rinse it.


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