How to Make a Money Wreath

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Things You'll Need

  • Foam wreath

  • Green spray paint

  • Paper money

  • Bobby pins

  • Fabric bow with wire attachment

Money wreaths are a creative way to give a gift of money. They are similar to money trees, where dollar bills are folded into an accordion shape and attached to a foam tree. If you like giving money as a gift, then you will enjoy making this simple craft project. It is surely more exciting than buying a gift card or writing a check and stuffing it in an envelope. And it is fun as well for the recipients as they can pluck dollar bills off of the money wreath as they need them.


Step 1

Paint your foam wreath green with the spray paint. Make sure to do this outside or to cover your work surface with newspaper. Allow the paint to dry according to the directions on the spray paint can.

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Step 2

Fold your first dollar bill lengthwise back-and-forth in an accordion style. Fold it in half and insert a bobby pin in the center fold. Fan the bill open on each side to make your dollar look like leaves. Continue until all the bills are folded. Depending on the size of the wreath, you will need between 20 and 40 dollar bills.


Step 3

Attach the bills to the wreath by sticking the bobby pin into the foam. Arrange them close together so that the wreath appears to be covered in dollar bill leaves.


Step 4

Attach your bow to the top of the wreath using the wire attachment that comes with the bow. Choose a color that goes with the occasion. Pink or blue would be a good color for a baby shower gift, while red would be best for a Christmas gift.


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