How to Set Up Christmas Net Lights

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Things You'll Need

  • Bushes or trees

  • Christmas net lights

A web of lights can make outdoor decorating easy.

One of the advantages of Christmas net lights is that they are quick to install on your bushes and trees. You don't have to worry about cutting your hands up as you wind the wires around limbs, thorns and other prickly items that may grow on your bushes. When storing web lights, there is a lower risk of tangling, as there are fewer loose wires to get twisted.


Step 1

Remove the lights from the box and unwrap them, laying them flat on the ground.

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Step 2

Untangle any of the lights that are twisted, so that the cord to plug into the outlet is not twisted within the web of lights.


Step 3

Choose one corner of the tree or bush that you are decorating with the Christmas net lights, and attach a loop at the corner of the net lights around the branch.

Step 4

Take the opposite corner of the Christmas net lights and extend it to the opposite corner of the bush, looping the end around a limb on that corner of the bush.


Step 5

Extend the other two corners so the web lights are not hanging loosely, and attach the corner loops around branches at the two other corners of the bush.

Step 6

Tuck the Christmas net lights around the bush's limbs, so that the cords are not laying on top of the limbs, hiding the wiring inside the bush.


Some of the wiring is likely to be visible when they are wrapped around the tree or bush, so tuck them in as much as possible, but remember that in the dark, the wires will be harder to see.


Watch out for sharp thorns on bushes when attaching the lights.


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