How to Build a Wood Cutting Stand for Chain Saw Cutting

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Things You'll Need

  • Six pieces of 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch plywood, 20 inches square

  • Circular saw with wood cutting blade

  • Drill with 5/8-inch drill bit

  • Two 4.5-foot pieces of 1/2-inch threaded steel rod, 1/2-inch-13 thread

  • 8 1/2-inch lock washers

  • 8 nuts, 1/2-inch-13

  • 4-foot PVC pipe

Increase safety when cutting firewood by using a stand for the logs.

Most people who live in rural areas obtain some of their heating from burning firewood. Before winter strikes, you need a store of wood cut and stacked to draw upon through the coming months. To aid in cutting logs in the most efficient manner, build a wood stand to hold the trees while you cut the log into pieces that will fit in your fireplace or stove. Make the stand portable and quick to set up and take down.


Step 1

Cut each of the pieces of plywood along one of the edges to form a V using a circular saw. The V should be at least 8 inches across at the top.

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Step 2

Measure halfway down the two adjacent edges and drill a 5/8-inch hole 2 inches in from the edge. The steel rods will pass through these holes.


Step 3

Pass 1/2-inch-13 steel rods through the hole in the first piece of wood. You should have approximately 2 inches of rod extending from one side of the wood and the rest of the rod on the other.

Step 4

Place a 1/2-inch lock washer onto the 2-inch end of the steel rod and then thread on a 1/2-inch-13 nut.


Step 5

Place a lock washer and nut on the other side of the wooden piece to lock it into place on the steel rod.

Step 6

Measure 3 inches along the steel rod and repeat the process with another piece of wood and two washers and nuts. Perform this step one more time. You will now have a stand that has three supports spaced 3 inches apart.


Step 7

Measure 6 inches further along the steel rod and place another piece of wood with its locking washers and nuts.

Step 8

Measure 3 inches further and place another support. Repeat with the final support forming the end.


Step 9

Cut a 1/2-inch slot down the length of the PVC pipe using the circular saw. Each pass of the saw blade will cut a 1/8-inch slot. This will allow the pipe to slip over the 1/2-inch steel rod.

Step 10

Cut four 3-inch lengths of PVC pipe and one 6-inch piece of PVC pipe. These PVC pieces will form guards against hitting the steel rods with the chainsaw.

Step 11

Place a piece of PVC pipe over each section of exposed steel rod.


You can adjust the length of the stand as required for the length of your starting logs.


Always exercise care when cutting with a chainsaw. Make sure there is no metal in the cutting path.



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